5 Ways To Build Confidence

Jane Gun

Posted on May 28 2021



“Move with confidence” is the slogan of our brand. But what is confidence?🧐 How to become more confident in life?

For us our slogan is not just about sports and active lifestyle, it’s all about right attitude to yourself, this is what #JaneGun™ brand is all about❗️


💟Loving yourself - is the main ingredient of right relationships with yourself. It is important to build relationships first with yourself, before trying to build it with your family, friends, partners ..we will not be able to give love to others without loving ourselves. Love to yourself - is where your confidence starts🙏


🤝Respecting your decisions - if you pass the first step and deeply feel love, it’s inevitable for you to start respecting your thoughts, your actions, decisions you make in life. Because now you know, who you are and you accept yourself as you are, so you respect every molecule of yourself, and you respect other people. And as soon as you start feeling this way, you will notice that people around you also start to respect you in return, this is how cycle of energy works, it’s the law of universe.


💪We talk a lot about how to motivate yourself and feel love to yourself every day in our social media. Exercise, workout, be active - it’s a scientific fact that physical activity will make your body generate hormones of happiness. Again it’s a cycle - being happy makes you appreciate, who you are and what you have, and people around you feel it, what makes them happy as well. It’s such a miracle that we can create miracles around us, isn’t it💫


👍Monitor your progress in every small or big aim you pursue. Appreciate yourself every time you achieve your goal, even when it’s small, respect your efforts to get there, and they will lead you to bigger ones🎉


🙏 Don’t listen to others, follow your way, do what makes YOU happy. It’s not about being egoistic, no! It’s about respecting and accepting, who YOU are. We listen to others only if we are not sure, not confident enough, don’t we..? but if you truly love yourself, you will start to trust yourself, your inner you, because you are a miracle as you are and you can create miracles in your life ❤️💫

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